Transportation of <br>containers/tank containers

Transportation of
containers/tank containers

Neftetranslogistika LLC has its own modern fleet of MAN TGX 18.460 4X2 BLS truck units manufactured in 2018, mercedes-benz actros truck units manufactured in 2018, DAF FT XF 105.460 truck units manufactured in 2019 with semi-trailers, special platforms for the transport of 20 and 30 feet containers and tank containers, which are equipped to handle ADR goods. Improved security measures implemented during the transportation of dangerous goods in tank containers ensures that your cargo is delivered safe and sound to an agreed place and at a specified time.
Advantages of transportation in tank containers

First of all, the tank container, or the cistern, is intended for year-round transportation of various products from different industries. The following substances are recommended for transportation and storage in cisterns:

  • industrial products: petroleum products, in particular oil. Liquefied gases, acids, solutions, lubricants, oils, dry and granular substances;
  • food products containing alcohol (wine, beer, vodka, brandy), as well as milk, fruit juice concentrates, oils, food additives, mineral water.

Each tank container is equipped with draining fittings, an imbedded product and a special apparatus for discharging under pressure or under gravity.

For financial saving purposes, our company carries out transportation in tank containers, and unlike transport barrels, they are 60% more capacious, but at the same time they occupy the same space and cost the same. The cistern or tank container can be used repeatedly, since their design property ensures the ease of operation, which has a cost-effective effect.

Types of transported cargoes

We transport liquefied hydrocarbon gases of hazard class 2.

Activities involving the transportation of dangerous goods are carried out on the basis of the license for the right to carry out activities in the field of road transport № 02190/3-76815, issued on the basis of the decision of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Belarus dated July 15, 2016.

Mixtures А01, А02, А0, А1, В2, В1, В, С
Mixtures А01, А02, А0, А1, В2, В1, В, С
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Transportation geography
Republic Of Belarus, Russian Federation, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania
The history of creation of the tank container

The tank container was first introduced for use in America in the middle of the twentieth century. The idea of containerization and global intermodal cargo transportation in large containers was created by an American, Malkom Macklin. This container became particularly popular in maritime transport due to its mobility and versatility. It was no longer necessary to transfer the cargo from one tank to another, as the cistern covered the entire transportation cycle (loading-transport-unloading). The use of this product made it possible to reduce the number of personnel at all stages and speed up the processes by several times. For example, if earlier the procedure of unloading and reloading the vessel took up to ten days, now it took one or two days to complete the process.

By 1960, the interest of the global transportation industry in tank containers had increased to such an extent that an ISO-frame was created to standardize equipment, and companies started creating models for various purposes and of various shapes. The most popular was a cylindrical shaped cistern on the ISO-frame, which was designed to transport various goods: from food to poisonous and flammable products. However, an integrated, standardized container transportation system was created by Malcolm MacLean, and not only the containers were patented and standardized, but also road and sea transport intended for their transportation.

Today, many world-famous manufacturers produce functional, reliable and high-quality tank containers, not only complying with all standards, but also allowing transporting a wide variety of cargoes.

Application for freight transportation in the container/tank container

If you need a forwarding service for the organization of transportation with the use of specialized road transport, complete a preliminary Application for freight transportation.

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